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Commencement of construction works: 2016 09
Duration of construction works: 9 months
Total area: 9700 sq. m.

Construction of breeding poultry complex

Conresta general contracting and construction company is building a modern pedigree poultry house complex which complies with the New Standard and BAT applied to the Baltic States, as well as Eastern and Western Europe. The Client of this project is AB Kaišiadorys Poultry Farm, which belongs to KG Group.

The project will be constructed on a 6 ha plot. The total area of the building will be approx. 9,700 sq. m, volume approx. 47,000 cbm. The complex will feature a poultry house and an extension to the production and administrative premises as well as ancillary outbuildings. The object will serve for the production of eggs that will be sent to a hatchery.

According to Tautvydas Barštys, Head of the KG Group, which owns Vilnius and Kaišiadorys Poultry Farms, growing poultry production results in increasing numbers of poultry. “The new Jačiūnai poultry house complex will produce approx. from 9.5 million eggs a year. The eggs will be transported daily to the hatchery of Kaišiadorys Poultry Farm. The planned investment in this complex is approx. 5 million euros. This poultry rearing complex has been designed and constructed according to the newest poultry rearing standards. The preparations and implementation of this project have been done following recommendations of the breeding ground of parent stock and the good practice of European Union member states.” says T. Barštys.

The planned solutions for the plot comply with technological requirements. The planned technological processes are the following: litter transportation, feed supply, pedigree poultry rearing, automatic egg collection, transportation and sorting, egg disinfection, egg storage, packing storage, and poultry house cleaning.

The project should be completed in nine months. Once finished, the complex will feature five buildings for pedigree poultry rearing. One part of the complex is designed for manufacturing-administrative and household premises. The constructions will be built of exceptionally durable materials of long-lasting performance. Poultry house walls will be constructed of three-layer reinforced concrete panels and galvanized and painted metal constructions. The amount of these construction materials will be similar to the amount used for the implementation of the Treetop Walking Path in Anykščiai. The roof will be made of tinplate sheets, while the administrative building walls will be constructed of multilayer panels. The poultry house and the manufacturing building will have industrial concrete flooring.

The building complex will have gas, drinking water, fire water, industrial waste water, manufacturing waste water, rainwater, drainage water run-off, and drainage engineering networks. We will also install three fire water ponds, two artesian wells, industrial waste water treatment facilities, an accumulation tank, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water purification, energy-efficient lighting and other engineering systems complying with the newest regulations and requirements of energy, hygiene, biosafety, and environmental protection, and ensuring optimal conditions.

Much attention is dedicated to fire safety. The building complex will have Grade I fire resistance and three fire compartments are planned. The complex will have a thermal cable, which will be used in the inner fire system of the poultry house, as well as other stationary firefighting, automatic fire safety, fire detection and alarm, as well as fire monitoring systems. There will also be a special access to water and a gravel turnaround area for fire vehicles.

Employees will be able to use a recreation area for short breaks at the access to the administrative area. The recreation area will feature a bench, a trash can and green plants. There will also be a bicycle parking stand at the main entrance to the administrative building. The workers and service staff will enter the territory through the automatic lockable gate and wicket. The building complex will work every day 24/7, 335 days per year.

The design of construction and architectural parts of the building has been delivered using the Building Information Modeling technology. Such information management prevents misunderstandings, errors and changes in the project after the construction has started and, hence, the possibilities for project delay. BIM technology optimizes the process of building design and management of construction processes, increasing productivity and quality, as well as decreasing construction costs and material consumption

Baigtas Vykdomas


Baigtas Vykdomas